We are less than 7 months away from hitting the year 2020, a number that officially looks like it’s far and deep into the future. For those who are old enough, do you remember what your perception of the year 2020 was in the 90’s? Likely shaped by movies such as Terminator, Back to the Future, and Total Recall, I personally envisioned flying cars, cyborgs, and some form of space travel. While we’re not quite at that level yet, we have all of the world’s information at our finger tips, on-demand rides with just a few taps, re-usable rockets, and good-looking electric cars. What will the world be like in 2050? PwC delivers their perspective on how the global economic order will change.

Our Advice:  Skate to where the puck is, they say.  It’s impossible to predict how the world will be 30+ years from now, but if you view it through enough lenses, you might be able to glean enough insight into how it could be.  Predicting the future would be nothing short of magic.  However, we don’t need magic.  We just need to be prepared and identify opportunities before others do.  



Source: PWC