Want to know how to speed up WordPress site load time without having to switch to an expensive web host?

WordPress has a lot of haters because of how slow and bloated it can be, especially when you start adding plugins and use premium themes.

But let’s face it, WordPress is a badass platform.

The stats don’t lie.

It powers a whopping 33.5% of all websites out there.

Out of the 1.5 billion websites that are active, that means about 502 million websites are WordPress sites.

If content management systems were the NBA, WordPress is Lebron James.

So how do you eliminate the pitfalls and make it the Michael Jordan?

How do you speed up WordPress site load time even on slow shared hosts?

Try this plugin called WP Fastest Cache.

There are other plugins that are also pretty good, but I’ve found this one to give me immediate results.

I was blown away to say the least.

I used to host my website on WPengine because they’re the best web host for WordPress websites.

I’ll most likely move back to WPengine when I need to, but for now, it’s much cheaper for me to go with a shared host that also allows me to host multiple domains.

WPengine has world class service, blazing speed right out of the box, but is considerably more expensive and limits you to just a single domain on their lowest plan.

Out of the gazillion shared hosts out there, my recommendation is to go with Siteground.com.

When I first migrated this site over to Siteground, it was really slow.

I almost wanted to migrate back over to WPengine immediately and eat the cost.

Site Loading Without a Plugin


Speed up WordPress with WP Fastest Cache


I was quite happy with the results from just installing a single plugin. The configuration is pretty simple too. Once you have it installed and activated, go to the plugin settings screen and click the checkboxes as shown below:


Keep in mind that I was simply using the free version of the plugin. The premium version has a lot more bells and whistles that will improve things even more!

The next time you want to speed up WordPress site load time, don’t be too quick to move to a new host or hire a consultant. Results are just a few clicks away.