Information at our finger tips was the promise and boy did they deliver. We didn’t just get information though. We got cars, clothes, electronics, flowers, groceries, hotels and access to the world’s biggest store at our finger tips.

At some point our phones got too smart. Then they got whiny, needy, and has an infinite thirst for attention.

Your attention.

My attention.

The world’s attention.

Now smartphones are at the epicenter of our very lives and notifications have officially become the most distracting force in the universe. We’re all addicted.

As a result, it’s clear to me now.

Do Not Disturb is the most important feature of our smartphones. Sure you can disable notifications for each app, but save some time and do yourself a favor by just turning your phone to Do Not Disturb.

What about important texts and calls?

You can configure your phone to still ring if a call is from someone on your favorites list. As for texts? If it’s that important they’ll call. Trust me, that’s what people do.

Why this works.

It’s plain and simple. We’re all hooked. Slaves to a portable machine. Like it or not, by now, we’re all re-wired and programmed to check our phones regularly. You’re going to check it every few hours and for some every few minutes anyways so turning on Do Not Disturb will at least stop it from stealing your attention on demand.

For the past year, I’ve been on permanent Do Not Disturb and it feels damn good. This is just one step in the journey to detach ourselves and be present in this new era of distractions.