The clutter is real. I used to think about how the home screen is pretty limited and hasn’t changed in a long time.

Now I wish it was even more limited and only showed a few big app icons that are essential.

Instead, I’ll settle for a few small app icons. I’m current at 15 app icons, down from 24 icons. I know it’s only a difference of 9 icons, but hey it’s harder than it sounds! Give it a shot.

Why reduce your home screen icons?

It’s the first thing that we see after we unlock our phones and maximizing the icon space is only going to add cognitive load to your daily life.

Think about it, every time you unlock it, there are 24 things competing for your attention and push notifications only make matters worse. Now there are varying forces to grab your attention.

Cutting it down as much as possible will help, trust me. It’s time to take control and make your smartphone a little dumb, for your own good.

How to clean up your home screen?

If you took Marie Kondo’s approach and asked yourself if an app gave you joy, you’d probably end up with 0 – 2 app icons.

That’s too hard though so let’s pay homage to Kondo’s method in other ways.

For now, just ask yourself these two things:

  1. How often to you use that app?
  2. Does the app make you more productive?

If the answer to #1 is a lot and the answer to #2 is yes, keep it.

Otherwise, consider moving it to a secondary screen, folder, or if you’re feeling extra Kondo today, delete that mF.

  • Once you complete the cleansing process, see how it feels and impacts your phone usage for the next week. If you see no difference after moving or deleting the apps and feel like you don’t miss it at all, congrats – it’s working.
  • If you find yourself swiping to the other screen just to access an app, maybe you need it on the home screen after all or maybe you simply need to cha-chiggity check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Our advice: Do this tonight. It’s about the little tweaks to your own systems that compound together and add up to big gains later.